AP Computer Science Principles

Through this professional development you will explore the expectations of the Zulama AP Computer Science curriculum, investigate the standards students must meet, consider the instructions for the Create Task, and gain insights into the formative tests and summative exam. You will also learn about how the Zulama AP CSP curriculum addresses the Computational Thinking Practices, Topics, and Big Ideas upon which AP CSP is based.

And of course, you'll find out what your students will be doing by doing it yourself—no programming experience is required! You will code your very own stand-alone executable game using GML, the programming language used by the GameMaker platform —don't worry, we'll talk you through it!

PD Hours: 5

  • Zulama Professional Development
  • Zulama AP CSP Training
  • Iterative Design
  • Engaging Students
  • About AP CSP
  • AP Computer Science Principles Basics
  • AP CSP Formative and Summative Assessments
  • AP CSP Conceptual Framework
  • Unpacking the AP CSP Conceptual Framework
  • Unpacking the Zulama AP CSP Curriculum
  • AP CSP Conceptual Framework and the Pairing of Skills
  • Zulama Pedagogy Guide
  • GameMaker Studio Interface
  • Zulama Teacher Resources
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Importing Files into GameMaker Studio
  • Setting Up GameMaker Projects
  • Learn the Interface
  • Parts of a GameMaker Game
  • Coding with GML
  • Objects
  • Backgrounds
  • Rooms
  • Adding Code
  • Events
  • Applying Your Skills
  • Upload Your Work
  • Classroom Experience
  • The Classroom Experience
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed